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Week 10 Roundup

Week 10 Roundup

Week Ten is over and 30 blocks are finished! I'm not going to lie - I get more excited the closer the quilt along gets to the finish line. I've said it before, but there really is something so thrilling about seeing these quilts come to life. I feel like each week when I see a new block, I notice something a little different - the twist each maker is adding to their quilt to make it uniquely theirs. I know when I first started this roundup each week, I was showcasing 9 different makers, but as the weeks went on, something about certain blocks would really capture me, and I've been enjoying highlighting what I've noticed and particularly enjoyed that past week.

This week I wanted to highlight Cristin McCusker. Cristin's Instagram page describes her life as "a crazy cat-quilt lady enjoying life with her cat and quilts," which I think sounds A+. I totally love cats, I'm just super allergic, so I live life vicariously through all my kitty-loving friends. I do have a pretty impressive collection of cat fabric, but Cristin's collection puts mine to shame. I realized this week that every blocks she has created for her Fussy Cut Sampler features a cat! So, here are 21 of Cristin's blocks - they're incredible, I hope you enjoy them, and make sure to check out her instagram for even more kitty goodness!

block 28

block 28

block 29

block 29

block 30

block 30


Okay - on the "I LOVE CATS" note, let's talk about a few other folks who have made AMAAAAAZING cat blocks for this QAL too! (sorry, these aren't just from this week, I'm just in love.) These are also only a selection of the cat blocks I've seen so far, which means EVERYONE LOVES CATS!! 

@gabbyvinay  - block 26

@gabbyvinay - block 26

@kpabst  - block 17

@kpabst - block 17

@e11ebasi  - block 23

@e11ebasi - block 23

@nanraylittle  - block 15

@nanraylittle - block 15

@sewdotty11  - block 9

@sewdotty11 - block 9

@thefeltedpear  - block 18

@thefeltedpear - block 18

@mintlane  - block 30

@mintlane - block 30

@sjcojg  - block 12

@sjcojg - block 12

@tessaraewilliams  - block 15

See you back here this time next week for another weekly recap!

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