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Surprise Binding Tutorial

Surprise Binding Tutorial

This tutorial assumes you cut binding at 2-1/4” strips and attach the binding to the front of the quilt first, then wrap around and stitch down on the back. (This is important since it will impact what part of your peek-a-boo motif is visible.


Step 1:

Make your binding as you normally would, but leave a strip separate from the rest so you can add in your peek-a-boo motif.



Step 2:

Select a motif that is 3/8” across or less. Any larger and it will get cut off when your project is bound.


Step 3:

Math it out. Your motif needs to be 1/4” in on the left side (seam allowance), and no further than 3/8” across to be visible on the front. The next 3/8” will be visible on the back. Anything past 1-1/8” from the left (the center line) will not be visible in the final product, since your binding is folded.


Step 4:

Piece your motif into your binding.


Step 5:

Fold your binding in half, wrong sides together. You'll see your visible motif 1/4" away from the raw edge.


Step 6:

Attach binding with the motif facing down (on the front of the quilt. Remember, you'll be turning this over, so your motif will be visible for the end result!


Step 7:

Now that your binding is attached, flip it over to the back of your quilt, then stitch it down. You'll see the NOT VISIBLE part of your fabric is about to disappear forever.


Step 8:

Admire your handiwork! If you add a surprise to your binding, please share using #peekaboobinding!

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