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Week 16 Roundup

Week 16 Roundup

It's the final week of the quilt along!! Eek!! Okay, so the deadline to finish all the 48 blocks total is this upcoming Friday (8/17), so you have a little bit of time to play catch up if life has been crazy for you too over the last few weeks. :) I've been absolutely loving watching as the final blocks come up, especially the signature blocks. So, I'm going to show a few of the blocks again from this week, but I"m going to post every signature block I've seen so far!!

Block 46
Recreating Repeats


I can't get enough of this block by @nataliesfussycutsampler, she brilliantly kept her diving color line off center, which adds so much whimsy to her block!


These mermaids are one of my favorite fabrics and I love how @fabracadabra_nl paired these ladies together. The block feels so soothing and magical.


@cristinmccusker paired these two Tula Pink kitties, and the finished effect is such a fun riot of color! It feels like such a perfect way to use these fabrics!

Block 47
Advanced Motifs in Block Shapes


I love how @london_and_granger fit so any perfect C+S motifs in this block. Those bunny rabbits in particular are so wonderful in the flying geese!


@erinrowleydesigns' block is SO fun! I wouldn't have thought to add the rainbow stripe to the border to add an extra rainbow kick to the block. It really makes it feel alive!


The earthy feel that @ely_sews achieved in this block makes me so happy. I love the butterflies cleverly paired with the browns and the cutie flowers and foxes! 

Block 48
Signing Off: Creating Your Custom Label

This is literally my favorite block in the entire book, and the one that is the most person to each quilter. I'm going to share every single one I've seen so far here, because they're so amazing and unique. I'd encourage you (if you haven't already) to check out each of these talented makers to see the rest of their quilts, because these blocks are really the cherry on top! 

I am so in love with all these quilts, I seriously want to take them home with me. :) Come back next week and I'll show you all the quilt tops that are in the running for the Custom Quilting!! 

Save Yourself a Headache! Errata!

Save Yourself a Headache! Errata!

Week 15 Roundup

Week 15 Roundup