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Mini Iron Off

Mini Iron Off

I’ve been a big fan of both Oliso and Reliable irons for several years now. They are the only brands I keep in my sewing room (with the exception of a sad Panasonic 360, which I hoped would be true love, but it just wasn’t meant to be). So when both Oliso and Reliable asked if I wanted to try out their mini irons, I said absolutely!

Reliable came out with their OVO iron a bit more than a year ago, and Oliso just launched their response last month. Both are super cute and have their own unique perks and quirks. So here’s my take.


When it comes to just looking cute next to their larger counterparts, I think the Oliso takes the cake. The baby iron looks like an almost exact miniature copy of the bigger iron, plus, it comes in both pink and yellow, so you can match your travel iron to your big iron, if that sort of thing makes you happy (me, obviously).


Side by side, these two are almost the same size. You’ll notice that the Ovo has more of a plump egg shape, so it fits super nicely in your hand. It also has two long grip supports on either side that keep you from slipping when you’re holding it.

The only button you need to worry about is the little blue one, and you push that for steam.

For some reason I always feel like I’m going to burn my finger on this iron, but it’s designed so you’re not likely to do that.


When you look at the bottoms of these irons, the Oliso one has almost twice as much face plate, which is fantastic for quilting and pressing. Plus, I super love the sharp point at the top. It’s very similar to the full size irons I use (both Reliable and Oliso).


Now filling a tiny iron is always going to be a bit of a pain, but the placement on the Oliso is easier (at least for me) since it’s on the top of the iron. The Ovo has you fill the iron from the bottom.

I do also think the cord is a bit more manueverable on the Oliso than on the Ovo - and I prefer the button placement for the steam.


I like the button placement for the steam on the Ovo as opposed to the side buttons on the Olsio, but it’s not really a deal breaker for me there. I found that the placement of my index finger on the Ovo was exactly where the steam button was, whereas on the Oliso I have to think about squeezing the iron to get the steam buttons.


Both of these little guys have a carrying case that doubles as an iron rest for when the iron is hot. On the left you can see how the irons rest while in use, and on the right how they get packed up. Honestly, i just think the Oliso one looks so much prettier, and it’s a little difficult to get the Ovo’s cable back into the case.


The last thing to note that really sets the Oliso apart is the heat setting, just like you’d find on a large iron. I love this! It’s not just a beautiful accent to the iron, but it’s super practical and makes it easy to see how how your iron is getting.

Overall, I really like both irons, but if I were going out to buy just one, I think I’d go with the Oliso. If you want to take a mini iron to a class or a retreat, I like using something with a flexible cable so it’s not going to get in the way, plus the large iron face and a sharp point is really a huge plus. It’s got the power of a big iron but in a cute tiny package.

Have you tried the Ovo or the Mini Oliso? I’d love to hear your take on the two options!

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